The Story of a Photographer

Hi! I'm Ashlee Noelle- I am so glad you found your way to my site!

I'm a lover of true crime, a bonus mama to a sweet little girl, and a lover of hedgehogs (I have four of these little cuties)! I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, hiking, smoking cigars, dancing, cracking dad jokes, and just about anything Disney (have an annual pass? Let's go!)! Above all, I am an endless adventurer and lover of making memories!

If you've made it this far in my rant, I am assuming you want to know my story! I've been drawn to photography since a young age. I received my first camera from my grandmother at 6 years old and would attend events and family functions taking photos of everything I could. One of the first things I can remember doing with my camera is photographing Disney On Ice. Our family bought a video camera when I was 12 and I recorded mini "TV shows" and "talk shows", and cringey music videos to entertain them (I'll never live these down!). I moved from a small town in Indiana to St Petersburg, Florida by the age of 16 and my love of the arts was further developed when I was enrolled at a private high school where I took photography classes learning the art of darkroom photography. I studied artists like Ansel Adams and told myself that one day I would take beautiful photos like his. 

As many young adults do, I went off to college to pursue a career in the corporate workplace, one that was "society approved". I received Bachelor degrees in both Criminology and Psychology from the University of South Florida (Go Bulls!). I found myself in an office job almost ten years later, lacking passion for life. But like all things that are meant to be, photography found its way back to me! I was given an opportunity to pick my camera back up and began teaching myself about Digital Photography- how much everything had changed! I started this company (originally named Ensorcell Imagery) and began shooting weddings left and right- taking any opportunity available to learn and grow in my craft. In the first year alone, I photographed 35 weddings! I had finally found my passion- AGAIN- and this time I was able to create a business around doing what I love! Eight years later, I am still living my dream! 

As a photographer, my ultimate measurement of success is my ability to sweep my clients off their feet! What I love about photography and what keeps me pursuing it passionately, is being able to artistically capture moments that otherwise would be lost in time- being able to preserve them as if they were in a time capsule. I take pride in being a part of these special moments and sharing in the happiness of my clients. Our memories are our greatest treasure and I am so honored to help keep the memories of my clients alive! I'm beyond excited to meet you and can't wait to start on our next adventure! Talk soon!



A historic building with a story

Our studio is nestled in the heart of Tampa and was originally the Santaella Cigar Factory, built in 1904. Babe Ruth himself frequented this location during Spring Training each year to pick up what he considered to be "The Best of the Best" cigars. When the building was bought by a family in 1997, it was renovated into studio spaces for creatives, and the rest is history! It may have a bit of a "haunted mansion" feel upon arrival, but as a cigar lover myself, this studio space couldn't be a better fit! Come do a session with us and enjoy a little piece of history!

Our Team

Get to know the dream team! Whether it be a second photographer, videographer, or assistant- these people help your weddings and events go as smoothly as possible.

some of our adventures